About us


Where the story began? As a very infrequent bike rider I couldn’t believe that after 38 years apart two identical questions came to my mind at exactly the same spot! 

Why hasn’t someone invented a comfortable bicycle seat???

Growing up I often heard adults talking about how they can put a man on the moon but they can’t fix this or fix that…..I didn’t want my grandkids ( I’m still too young for them) to be hearing they can put a man on MARS but no one has designed a comfortable bike seat here on earth!

There has to be a better way and the conviction to make it a reality was born. That was 2016.

The concept was brought to life with my first prototype and I quickly realised I need help!

The Inventors Association of Australia (IAA) https://www.inventorvic.com.au/ have meetings in each state, so I decided to go and exhibit my prototype to the feasibility committee for advice. A strong thumbs up from all the committee members gave me the confidence to persue the project. At the same time Philippe Guichard was speaking from an Industrial Designers perspective with a breadth of successful projects and a beautiful and sustainable design philosophy. Here was someone I wanted to work with. This is now 2019.

Philippe Guichard (D2 Design and Development)


Over the next 2 years Philippe and I worked on numerous designs, prototypes, test runs and failures (we call them learning experiences). Another real breakthrough came in the design using a virtual axis accompanying the original split seat design. Re-vamped designs, more prototyping and yet more learning experiences made the COVID 19 world bearable. We knew we were onto something big!

Whistle Design Group


Bring on 2021. Our area of expertise needed to be expanded. The team working for practical solutions required different perspectives so it was the team at Whistle Design Group that were commissioned to the project. The design was critiqued, analysed and scoped for a range of human factors and then finally streamlined to the model we are all proud of today.

As the founder, owner and Director of ataraxyBSC I firmly believe this great dynamic bicycle seat we have developed is a true testament to the fantastic and talented working team behind the name.

Robin J Macan