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Cyclists, is your bum happy?

You love riding your bike, with friends and family, and you value comfort overall.

You have tried several saddles but nothing seems to work! The pain lingers on.

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Would you like to transform your cycling experience and make the pain a thing of the past?

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vabsRider by ataraxyBSC is the world's first virtual axis bicycle seat. This dynamic and natural comfort rider makes the enjoyment of bike riding a true pleasure and brings the cycling experience to a whole new group of people.

ataraxyBSC was founded on the premises that we don't have to suffer on a bike.

Robin and Philippe have been working for the last three years on the ideal bike saddle: dynamic, flowing, in motion with your body and pain-free.

Our story

Real Reviews from Real Cyclists

“That was brilliant, I've never been on a bike before that is actually comfortable. The vabsRider seat is amazing! I’m shocked!”
- Mandy (Trial Day participant)

“I felt stable on the bike, and the seat really moved with me. It felt like a really different riding experience, in a really good way.”
- Anonymous (Trial Day participant)

"I was impressed and would love to take it on my 200-300 kilometre rides on one of my bikes"
- Cherry

"As retired e-bikes riders, we were both impressed with the seat and its movement. John said it didn’t matter how much the saddle cost, provided it was more comfortable!"
- Vivienne and John

“The vabsRider was really great, I felt parts of my body move that I have never felt move before when I'm riding a bike. I'm really excited for when we can get one!”
- Trial Day participant

“It was really cool, I liked the way it makes it smooth when you’re pedalling, instead of putting all the strain on sensitive areas. When you move forward you can feel the power of your legs going on pedals.”
- Chris

riderBuzz: vabsRider's Latest Media Coverage

The vabsRider by Robin Macan is set to change the way cyclists experience their rides. It's a standout choice for anyone seeking maximum comfort and performance. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a seasoned pro, the vabsRider offers a revolutionary solution to the age-old problem of bike seat discomfort...read more



Abishek Easter Raj

Strange but revolutionary: New bicycle saddle breaks every convention...read more

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E-Bike News (Germany)

Marcus Schwarten

Butt-friendly bike seat moves with your legs. If you don't want a part of your body to get sore, then that part shouldn't be pushing against something that doesn't move along with it. That's the thinking behind the vabsRider bicycle saddle...read more

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New Atlas

Ben Coxworth

The vabsRider is unlike any other bike seat, in that it takes a mobile approach to the entire experience of riding...read more


Auto Evolution

Elena Gorgan

Australian industrial design yields an articulating bicycle seat - The vabsRider provides pain-free cycling...read more



Rain Noe

If you think about it, a bicycle has so many moving parts, it seems strange that only the saddle is fixed. I think this is more functional and ergonomically correct than any other saddle design...read more 


Gizmodo (Japan)

Gensuke Okamoto

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